I will build a tall city interconnected by cul-de-sacs: Nargess Hashemi

12 May - 26 July 2018

In a futuristic geometrical urban space filled with soft colourful crochet interiors, Nargess Hashemi feels her way through our living spaces for her fourth solo show at the gallery, entitled I will build a tall city interconnected by cul-de-sacs. Two collection of works come together in this exhibition, encompassing two distanced angles on the same subject of space; large scale urban plans and small scale delicate interiors. We look at the cross sections of urban environments showing us how we could interconnect, while moving in-between crochet curtains that separate us without dividing us.


In the diamond, square and triangle-shaped urban plans and unsymmetrically organised spaces, Hashemi reimagines our homes, offices and cultural centres. Domes become social and medical services, and places are no longer connected by roads, but by interconnected diamond shaped cul-de-sacs, that allow for bodies to gather but not cars. Colours become representative of different functions such as solar energy facilities, green spaces and waterways, being some of them. There are big black spaces scattered across all drawings; large voids amongst buildings, only bridged and connected in limited places. In the midst of all this there are squares filled with hearts, cross hatches and stars, representing lively homes with different inhabitants. 


These homes - much like the interior of the gallery - are sectioned by communally made crochet pieces, hanging like curtains from the ceiling and spreading out of walls or rising from the floor. They become delicate partitions that separate two spaces without fully concealing them from one another; embracing one without suffocating the other and shielding without hiding anything from it. These works are handmade by a community of women and bring a colourful and protective feel to these future homes.


Text by Mandana Mohit