Museo Storico dell Città di Lecce (MUST)


Museo Storico dell Città di Lecce (MUST) | 20 June - 8 September 2019 
Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Lissone (MAC) | 28 September - 24 November 2019
Curated by Giacomo Zaza

On the Fringes of Identity is an exhibition exploring and illustrating the degree to which contemporary artistic research is involved in the cultural and social debate regarding the human condition in a globalised world. What emerges from this selection of video narratives is the urgent need for a human focus in the exploration of processes affecting identity, belonging, the awareness of differences and the acknowledgement of otherness. The videos have been selected from the collection of the Han Nefkens Foundation in Barcelona and from the Premio de Producción de Video Arte Fundación Han Nefkens – CAC Quito 2018. 

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9 July 2019
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