What Lies Beneath : Group Show

13 February - 10 March 2011

Niyaz Azadikhah

Mona Hakimi

Farrokh Mahdavi

Pouya Parsamagham

Iman Raad

Arefeh Riahi


Stories old and new, memories recollected and reconsidered, statements of intent, manifestos for change - all these threads inform this new show of work, featuring a group of emerging young Iranian artists. Assembled as a labour of love by Tehran's Rokni Haerizadeh, this show draws on the Dubai-based painter's extensive network of artists, all of whom acknowledge Haerizadeh's touch is evident here, it's in his selections; the work is disparate in form and approach yet there are echoes resounding between them, moral ambiguity, dark humour, social critique, formal experimentation and a mercurial passion, that imbues the works with an urgency and impact that rivals Haerizadeh's own. 


Yet whilst there is no defining ideological manifesto, no curatorial conceit binding these works together, the artists hare a political engagement and social awareness that appears in their investigations into nostalgia, irony, love, loss and hope. Through their work, this emerging generation provides us with a new direction into the future. 


For more information, email info@ivde.net