Wonders of Nature: Ramin Haerizadeh

20 November - 12 December 2007


Born in 1975, Ramin Haerizadeh's exhibition at B21 marks the debut Dubai solo show for this rising talent. An Iranian economist graduate-turned photographer, his reputation is firmly in the ascendance, with a string of acclaimed international exhibitions already under his belt.

At first seemingly simple, Haerizadeh's photographs are nonetheless visually as well as intellectually complex. The meticulously crafted components within each work behave in unexpected ways and culminate in an immaculate finish.


Nothing in Haerizedeh image is quite as it seems. His giant pieces (each 100 x 150 cm) invite the viewer into a strange, dark, day-glo world, full of deception and skewed unreality. His photographs reflect the colours and composition of everyday life. However, through techniques and devices, he proceeds to trash the absolute realism of photography by subverting the image, literally from within. By splitting, mirroring and twisting his images, disorientating and unseen depths come to light - engaging the viewer to reconstruct reality for themselves.


Various aspects of his cultural heritage helped foster a strong graphic sensibility and bold playfulness, such as Persian ornamentation, patterns and compositions that can be found in carpets, architecture, traditional mirror works and miniature paintings.


In 'Wonders of Nature' Haerizadeh takes as his starting point the urban and rural landscape - then proceeds to obsessively manipulate the image; distorting it until it speaks an inner truth. In essence, he uses the compositional principle of symmetry on a central axis: One half of the picture folds out, thus reflecting the other, itself.  Giving one image an all-over abstract force; while in another one, the manipulations are slyer, leaving the main image untouched but fill with incidentals - details that catch the eye. 


Backgrounds of twigs forming patterns, clouds dividing the sky into bands, three-dimensional objects floating above landscapes - there is a peculiar joy in seeing our everyday surroundings metamorphose thus re-ordering our perceptions retrospectively.


Haerizadeh's art suspends an image between the state of an idea and its presence in a medium; luring the viewer into deeper reflection on just what it means to look at a picture.


'Wonders of Nature' is a collection of 24 photographs placing the young photographer Ramin Haerizadeh at the centre of the Iranian conceptual art movement.  The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue. 


For further information, info@ivde.net