Ahmad Amin Nazar was born in Abadan in 1956. He began to pursue painting seriously in 1970 when he enrolled at Tehran Art Academy. He entered the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University in 1975, and after graduating in 1982 began to teach at the Art Academy. In 1986 he immigrated to Europe and took up residence in Cologne, where he became a member of the city's Artists Association. The eight-years he lived in Germany had a lasting effect on Amin Nazar's work, particularly in his view of painting as a visual/conceptual form. His familiarity with contemporary art movements led him to look closely at classical Persian literature as well as the history of eastern art. In 1994 he returned to Iran and began teaching at the University of Art. A few years later he left academia behind and began pursuing painting fulltime. Amin Nazar is a figurative artist and has a particular talent in making sketches. His work has a philosophic and literary essence, and a personal form of expression with an Iranian tone. Many of his pieces include references to Iranian epics and present mythical features with rough figurative sketches. Since returning to Iran he has had exhibitions of his drawings, paintings, and prints, each of which had a relatively different approach; such as his print and painting series that included eastern motifs and were simultaneously influenced by classical western artists, drawings of human and animal figures, and his series of colorful still-lives. In recent years his work has included naked male figures in various physical poses, sexual subject matter, as well as images relating to religious fundamentalism.