Nargess Hashemi (born 1979, Tehran) lives and works in Tehran. Her works are intimate observations of the dualities that permeate her daily life in Iran by using a diverse range of techniques and materials including monoprinting, macramé, graph paper and acetate. Her style is continuously evolving, from her largely figurative works depicting intimate, domestic and celebratory scenes, to works in which she uses graph paper to experiment with more abstract, geometric compositions. Central themes of the artist's work remain her preoccupation with the familial routines and habits that she grew up with. These elements are evident in her works and reflect a conflicted sense of belonging and detachment, nostalgia and uneasiness, comfort and entrapment. Hashemi grew up in a traditional Iranian household and studied Ancient Persian at the Neyshabour Institute and Fine Art at Tehran University. In addition to numerous shows in her home town.