We are very pleased to announce that Vikram Divecha has joined the gallery's roster of artists.


Vikram Divecha (born 1977, Beirut) is a Mumbai-raised artist based in the UAE. He has developed a research-based, pedestrian practice in Dubai, where he is constantly negotiating for existing space, material and labour, to work with what he terms 'found processes' - forces and capacities that prevail in a society. Divecha works with urban processes and systems within state, social and industrial spheres and situates his practice in these operations to examine, intervene and extract the various layers of a given situation. In doing so, he withdraws himself from the final result to let the 'found processes' take over the works, which are not necessarily for the hermetic world of white cubes, but out in the streets and populated places. After introducing a set of parameters, Divecha engages in slow processes that would then evolve in an autonomous manner. Through his engagement with members of the community such as municipal gardeners, rock-blasting engineers, street sweepers and other diverse faculties, he creates idiosyncratic situations that translate into public art, permanent fixtures, sculptural installations and video works.


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26 September 2016
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