Dirimart Dolapdere


In PARADISE ON SALE, :mentalKLINIK does not promise you a new paradise but rather asks you to celebrate the end of utopia as accomplices.

Transforming the exhibition space into a massive groundless installation with shifting scents, distorting mirrors, shiny poppers, and floating screens accompanied by surrounding and directed sounds, :mentalKLINIK generously offers an ultimate confessional for the innocently sinful souls to confront the hypocrisy of capitalistic leisure. Implemented structural elements of the entertainment sector as complementary units of the artworks inevitably play with our perception of corporate expectations from an art gallery. The installation functions as a wake-up call to those who fall asleep under the mega ruins in micro times, and as a hypertext for our hyper moods being challenged by the physicality overlapped with virtuality.


3 —28 May 2023

3 May 2023
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