M+ Museum

Hassan Sharif ‘Cotton Rope No.7’
On view is Hassan Sharif’s ‘Cotton Rope No.7’ (2012) as part of the M+ Collection Highlight Videos. The work is displayed on the M+ Facade and on selected screens inside the M+ Museum through to the end of 2023.

Facing Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, the M+ Facade lights up nightly as one of the largest media facades in the world, a 65 X 110-metre screen. At 6 pm each evening, the 5,600+ LEDs embedded in the M+ Facade are activated, and the museum’s tower turns into a breathing skin. The M+ Facade showcases a dynamic mix of commissioned artworks from the M+ collections, offering moments of play, humour, poetry, intellectual reflection, and meditative contemplation to thousands of onlookers.

21 March 2023
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