Setouchi Triennale, Japan

Manal’s AlDowayan's ‘Songs from the Shore’
Manal AlDowayan at Setouchi Triennale 2022, Ibuki island, Japan.

Manal’s work ‘Songs from the Shore’ (2022), invites visitors to walk through a tunnel formed by 200 suspended baskets towards the Seto inland sea. Inspired by a ritual performed by the women of the Dilmun civilization in Eastern Arabia mentioned from the 3rd millennium BC onwards and located close to the sea, while they longed for the safe return of their men at sea.

Manal invited the community of the island of Ibuki to perform the same Arabian Gulf singing ritual of burning the edges of palm leaves and then extinguishing them in the sea. The leaves were then crafted into baskets by Masooma Alhamdan ins the art of “Khos”, palm weaving in Saudi Arabia.

29 September - 6 November
29 September 2022
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