Collection Lambert, musée d’art contemporain, Avignon


Curated by Stephane Ibars

29 October 2021 – 20 February 2022


Abdelkader Benchamma’s monographic exhibition is organized as a journey through possible worlds—past, imaginary, future, written or dreamed—assembled in a story that unfolds slowly in the rooms of the museum. At the heart of this landscape of transformations, the artist develops a sensitive vocabulary made up of a constellation of flows of energies, materials and moving forms that nourish many suspended worlds. Monoliths, caves, heaps, forests, mountains, spurts, explosions or other precarious constructions unfold like the Carceri of Piranesi to draw in black and white—sometimes colour —fantastic universes which seem to us as distant as they are familiar to us.


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25 October 2021
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