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Organized by Claire Shiying Li 

20 April - 30 May 2021


Palm Trees can be seen in gated communities worldwide, where developers conveniently transplant the symbol of peace and wealth from resorts to suburbs as if the signified lifestyle can also be stamped anywhere. To see palm trees in a cold spring time raises suspicions about the legitimacy of time and space, leaving one wondering if the palm trees can survive a different weather while their cultural associations sustain as usual.


In a ghostly atmosphere, Spring Time, Palm Trees brings together works by six artists/duo, challenging the linear timeline and eliciting personal narratives under the new tempo-spatial construction. Within the fictional timeframe of photography and moving images, the parochial cultural bias based on linear timeline is challenged and inventive experience of life and art history forms along new circulations and reincarnations. Emancipated from memories and knowledges, one might need to reorient feelings of intimacy and fear in the open field of realist portraits and aesthetic sensory, reaching multiculturalism and critical historicism.

28 April 2021
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