GSAPP Incubator at NEW INC, 231 Bowery, New York


Thursday, 7 February 2019


We’re thrilled to bring to your attention that Vikram Divecha will participate in the next edition of Columbia University's Works in Progress artist event series, entitled Aesthetics of Extraction, taking place at 6pm on 7th February at GSAPP Incubator at NEW INC, New York.


This edition of Works in Progress brings together artists and researchers who deal with the visual cultures of extraction from material harvesting to data extraction industries, from regimes of spatial imaging technologies to instruments of financial exaction. Aesthetics of Extraction hopes to offer new ways of “looking” at environmental, sociopolitical, and economic sites of extraction, the abstractions and realities they co­produce, and render visible latent or actual pressures, paradoxes and fissures imbricated in such fabrics.


Vikram Divecha is an artist whose diverse practice addresses time, value and labor. His projects often developed around 'found processes’—those forces and capacities at work within social and economic systems.


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7 February 2019
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