Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi


7 March - 24 June 2018


Warehouse421 restages UAE's participation at two recent national exhibitions from the Venice Biennale's International Art Exhibition (2017) and International Architecture Exhibition (2016). Curated by Hammad Nasar, Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play features works by Vikram Divecha, Nujoom Alghanem, Sara Al Haddad, Lantian Xie and Dr Mohamed Yousif, and explores a strand of artistic practice in the UAE through the analogy of play.


Commissioned by the UAE Pavilion, the Haerizadeh brothers and Hesam Rahmanian fashioned a playground in book form, which is included in the accompanying catalogue and serves both as an additional site of the exhibition and as its speculative expansion featuring works over 40 pages by the artists.


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4 March 2018
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