Sharjah Art Foundation


March Project 2016

19 November 2016—19 January 2017


Vikram Divecha participates in the third edition of March Project 2016 exhibition, which features site-specific works developed by five artists during an educational residency programme. Divecha presents a new body of work, entitled Sweeping (2016) where he remaps the routes of five sweepers to converge towards the Sharjah Art Museum building. Every day a team of sweepers clean the streets of Al Shuwaihean neighbourhood that surrounds the museum building. Each sweeper is assigned a specific route, which they silently map while collecting the refuse in green trash bags and depositing them on the sidewalk to create a temporary public sculpture in sight of the museum building. The work disorders the waste management process and frames an encounter between the quotidian neighbourhood and the public institution that sits within it, enacted by the sweepers' routines and the detritus they sweep.


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1 January 2017
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