(No) Improvisation: Farshid Maleki

22 June - 23 July 2009

Farshid Maleki

(No) Improvisation

22 June - 23 July 2009


The faculties of imagination and emotion are more important to Maleki than that of mere sight. Maleki's radical style is not defined by content but by the ritualistic act of drawing itself, as if urgently executed in a continuous fit of impulsive scribble.


This seemingly unedited free flowing spontaneous style is just like the thought process, delving into a subconscious memory that taps into primal and daily issues. The result is a world of imagination, where colours and shapes hint at recognizable forms but spin off into wild abstractions of line and layering, eluding definition.


From the hand of a man well into his sixties, the drawings are characterized by simplified, irregular shapes rendered in a vivid array of magic markers, lending a sense of instability but instilling a palpable vitality. Fresh and agile, these graffiti-filled frames with funky black and magical colours pull one's attention inwards towards a storm of colour and form.


The first impression is of an abstract, scribbled chaos of stripped forms. Discs, circles and concentric circles creating apertures and grids mix with various visual incongruities whilst hands and feet are obsessively represented in all the works. At second glance, human and animal figures depicted in a primitive primal state emerge from the field of lines and shapes, and leave imprints as an echo of the central subject.


Through his shapes and their mutations, Maleki delivers a conception of form that is bound to 'gesture'. The relationship between form and gesture fuse and make each shape the result of a sudden eruption. Then, it is the 'interaction' between the components and the energy they release that obsess Maleki. In his tiny studio hardly allowing him to step back from his works, Maleki explains that what he aims to reach is a suitable dialogue (his exact words) between the personages, forms and the colours.


Through these themes - omnipresent in his work - Maleki's oeuvre describes a reality whose central preoccupation is a man's relationship with the world! 


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