I Put It There You Name It: Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian

17 March - 3 May 2012

We can seek to forget, to bury, to shed 

We can seek to remember, repeat, record


Beside the knowledge of bleak truths and ugly deeds done, we carry within us our loves and obsessions. We are lined with our individual accumulations. We can paint the white walls around us with the colours that line us.


Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian don the cloaks of architects to realise space. We are surrounded by their mingling of artistry: Hockney at the dinner table, Haerizadeh in the arms of a cherub. Knots and tangles tell stories.


They ask if we can link our narratives to theirs: The strength of isolation, separation, a solitary painting, may be insignificant now, may be fragmentation.

The richer our inspirations, the more nuanced our visions, the less definable our experience: If what we lack is confidence, we are reminded now that love distorts the eye.


Perhaps we can break from the safety of order, blurring the barriers to the outside, letting the inside out.


We are immersed in the animated ambience of collective inspirations, where productivity and ownership become meaningless, or malleable. In a continuation of the Haerizadeh brothers' ABC Berlin show for which they transposed their studio to the fair booth, they reveal, with Hesam Rahmanian, their creative sanctum. The three artists live in a continuous process of accumulation, through which intriguing narratives emerge with candour.


As we witness an insight into their existence, we see a lucidity; a lucidity we want to feel in ourselves. We are implored, in this extract of their lives, to interact with the works as the artists do, defining and redefining according to our desires. The functions of the gallery space - exhibiting specific works, of specific values, with specific intentions - are nullified now. The Haerizadeh brothers and Hesam Rahmanian will not have a formal opening preview. The artists will not condense this experience into a descriptive catalogue, but have collaborated with Vali Mahlouji who scribbles an assemblage of ideas and thoughts that have accumulated over a long period of weekly skype dialogues. Each visitor is invited to make their own unique catalogue by taking Polaroid photographs of any parts of the show that capture their imagination, making of it what they want. 


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