What Lies Beneath 2nd Edition: Group Show

10 September - 11 October 2012

Iman Raad

Pouya Parsamagham

Javad Azimi

Shahrzad Changalvaee

Arefeh Riahi

Farrokh Mahdavi


Reflecting Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde's ongoing commitment to fostering emerging talent, the sequel of What Lies Beneath traces the development of some of the most exciting young Iranian artists today. This second edition of the exhibition shows the latest work of four of last year's participants as well as work by two new artists. Rokni Haerizadeh, in an interview in The National with Chris Lord, noted that "You can't necessarily trust artists' work on just one exhibition. It is important that the audience sees the evolution of their work "and in line with this, despite their exile, he and his brother Ramin continue to support emerging talents from their homeland, encouraging them to delve to the depths of their ideas. Haerizadeh has described how he and his fellow artists " Are interested in explorations into the nature and condition of man; in dealing with different facets of man - sometimes the political man, sometimes the nostalgic, the desires or memories of man, the body itself." The painting, video works, embroideries, photographs and installations exhibited in What Lies Beneath, 2nd Edition all acknowledge shared influences, experiences and heritage, while manifesting individual preoccupations and expressions of human essence that transcend any umbrella theme or concept. While their subjects and tools are strinkingly diverse, allegories emerge as the favoured approach for communicating the realities of contemporary society framed by political powers, the dichotomy of traditions, and in contrast the artists' profound personal reflections and sentiments. They each seek a balance in the poer struggle between themselves and their subjects, and watching their progress since the first edition of What Lies Beneath, we witness their stamina and the tenacious substance of their explorative work. 


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